Gokova Gulf Tour

Perfection, Powdered sands & crystal waters.

Gokova is among the most beautiful and unspoiled areas of Turkey, with the bays all of which are strictly protected, Both the colour of sea and the mountainous backdrop are intertwined with shades of blue and green.

Spectacular views of magnificent Hinge Mountains starting from the bottom of the northern shores to the lazy Sothern shores where the pine trees are shaded by the turquoise waters.

Just a short coach journey from Marmaris to join the boat at Camlı in Gokova, from here have your cameras at the ready for the unforgettable views as we sail along the south coast.

Walk bare foot on the fine white sand, swim or just marvel at Cloepatra's island, you will notice a few rules in place as this area is also part of the government's plan to converse the island.

According to the legend the island was given to Cleopatra from Mark Anthony as a wedding gift with the sand being imported from Egypt.

Swimming breaks throughout the day in some of the most crystal-clear waters, lunch onboard the boat whilst taking in scenery.

Sailing on to Incekum beach, where a swim in these waters is a must and the chance for some great photo opportunities of some close by islands.


Approximately 7 hrs 30 min ( From 09:30 till 17:00 - Please note that times are only for guidance and may be subject to change )

Please note that if you opt not to pay the entrance fee onto Cleopatras island, you must remain on the boat for approximately 3 hours.

Bring along:

Swimsuits, Sun Creams, Towels, Snorkel & Goggles, Cameras

Additional Information:

Unless agreed otherwise, we will pick you up at the hotel's main gate


E- voucher/Printed ticket accepted


Available from Marmaris, Icmeler, Armutalan every Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from May 1st till October 20th.


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Return Transfer,

Boat Tour,


Soft Drinks (Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Water, Tea, Nescafe)

Official Guide Turkish, English and Russian



100.00 TL Conservation Site Fee - Entrance onto Cleopatra island ( This fee is applicable per person over the age of 8 ),

Extra money,

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Alvaro Apart09:00£0
Avlu Apartments09:00£0
Avlu 4 Apartments09:00£0
Baba Tuncay Apart09:00£0
Babadan Boutique Hotel09:00£0
Bahar Apart09:00£0
Bal Apart09:00£0
Bilnur Apart09:00£0
Cartier Hotel09:00£0
Casa Blanca Beach Hotel09:00£0
Castle Apartments09:00£0
Celik Apart09:00£0
Club Aquarium09:00£0
Club Daystar Icmeler09:00£0
Club Green World09:00£0
Club Munamar Beach09:00£0
Club Munamar Beach Resort09:00£0
Club Oylum Prestige09:00£0
Club Tokmak Apart09:00£0
Demircioglu Apart Hotel09:00£0
Devamli Hotel09:00£0
Diva Hotel09:00£0
Doruk Hotel & Suites09:00£0
Ece Apartments09:00£0
Ecem Apart Hotel09:00£0
Eda Hotel09:00£0
Eden Garden Apartments09:00£0
Efem Apart09:00£0
Ekinci Palace09:00£0
Elite World Marmaris Resort09:00£0
Faber Hotel09:00£0
Fortuna Beach Hotel09:00£0
Gondol Apartments09:00£0
Grand Aquarium Hotel09:00£0
Grand Yazici Club Marmaris Palace09:00£0
Grass Apartments09:00£0
Green Mar Hotel 09:00£0
Gunes Apart09:00£0
Hotel 4709:00£0
Hotel Aqua09:00£0
Hotel Chateau De Ville09:00£0
Hotel Efendi09:00£0
Hotel Golmar Beach09:00£0
Hotel Idas09:00£0
Hotel Private09:00£0
Hotelus Royal09:00£0
Icmeler Apart Hotel09:00£0
Icmeler Apart Ustun Otel09:00£0
Julian Forest Suites09:00£0
Juniper Hotel09:00£0
Kapmar Hotel09:00£0
Kleopatra 2 Apart09:00£0
Kontes Beach Hotel09:00£0
Kosa Hotel09:00£0
L Etoile Beach Hotel09:00£0
Labranda Mares Marmaris Hotel09:00£0
Mandalin Hotel09:00£0
Marbas Hotel09:00£0
Maricya Apart Hotel09:00£0
Marmaris Park Hotel09:00£0
Marti La Perla Hotel09:00£0
Marti Resort Deluxe Hotel09:00£0
Mavera Boutique Hotel09:00£0
Melita Apart Hotel09:00£0
Mersoy Bellavista Suites Hotel09:00£0
Mersoy Exclusive Aqua Resort09:00£0
Miray Hotel09:00£0
Mitos Apartments09:00£0
Mola Apart Hotel09:00£0
Moonlight Apartments09:00£0
Munamar Beach Residence09:00£0
Navy Hotel09:00£0
Oylum Park Hotel09:00£0
Oz-ay Apart09:00£0
Ozlem 2 Apart Hotel09:00£0
Petunya Konak Boutique Hotel09:00£0
Portofino Hotel09:00£0
Prince Apart & Studios09:00£0
Quadas Hotel09:00£0
Rhodes Apart09:00£0
Sahin Palace09:00£0
Selen 2 Hotel09:00£0
Senem Apart09:00£0
Sentido Orka Lotus Beach09:00£0
Sentido Sea Star Hotel09:00£0
Siesta Apart Hotel09:00£0
Siesta Hotel09:00£0
Sun Blue Apart Hotel09:00£0
Sun Village Apartments09:00£0
Tolan Apartments09:00£0
Union Palace Hotel09:00£0
Varol Hotel09:00£0
Vela Hotel Icmeler09:00£0
Verde Hotel09:00£0
Adonis Hotel Marmaris09:15£0
Alenz Suite Marmaris09:15£0
Alkan Hotel09:15£0
Amos Hotel09:15£0
Asli Hotel09:15£0
Blue Park Hotel09:15£0
Ayhan Apartments09:15£0
B&B Yüzbaşı Beach Hotel09:15£0
Banana Apart09:15£0
Banu Hotel09:15£0
Beach Wood Villas09:15£0
Begonville Beach Hotel09:15£0
Blue Bay Platinum Hotel09:15£0
Blue Palace Hotel09:15£0
Blue Paradise Apart09:15£0
Casa De Maris Spa & Resort Hotel09:15£0
Cettia Beach Resort09:15£0
Class Beach Hotel Nuhoglu09:15£0
Club Aida09:15£0
Club Alize09:15£0
Club Ceylan09:15£0
Club Dena09:15£0
Club Hotel Diana09:15£0
Club Palm Garden Keskin Apart Hotel09:15£0
TUI Hotel Grand Azur Marmaris09:15£0
Dora Beach Hotel09:15£0
Elegance Hotels International09:15£0
Emre Beach Hotel09:15£0
Family Apart Hotel09:15£0
Flamingo Hotel09:15£0
Forum Residence Hotel09:15£0
Glory Otel09:15£0
Gold Kaya Hotel09:15£0
Golden Rock Beach Hotel09:15£0
Grand Pasa Hotel09:15£0
Grand Yazici Club Turban09:15£0
Green Nature Diamond Hotel09:15£0
Green Nature Resort & Spa Hotel09:15£0
Guldal Hotel09:15£0
Han Palace Hotel09:15£0
Hani Otel09:15£0
Hotel Adler09:15£0
Hotel Emre09:15£0
Hotel Green Palm09:15£0
Hotel Ideal Pearl09:15£0
Hotel Ideal Piccolo09:15£0
Hotel Ideal Premium09:15£0
Hotel Ideal Prime Beach09:15£0
Hotel Kayamaris09:15£0
Hotel Marbella09:15£0
Hotel Pardisan09:15£0
Intermar Hotel09:15£0
JdW Design Hotel09:15£0
Julian Hotel Marmaris09:15£0
Kaan Apart09:15£0
Kamelya Apartments & Studios09:15£0
Kaptan Apart & Studios09:15£0
Karen Hotel09:15£0
Kivilcim Hotel09:15£0
Lalila Blue Hotel09:15£0
Leblu Hotel09:15£0
Luna Beach Deluxe Hotel09:15£0
Manolya Hotel & Apartments09:15£0
Maris Beach Hotel09:15£0
Melodi Hotel09:15£0
Mert Seaside Hotel09:15£0
Moda Beach Hotel09:15£0
Monte Hotel09:15£0
Motto Premium Hotel09:15£0
My Dream Hotel09:15£0
Myra Hotel09:15£0
Nerium Hotel09:15£0
Nur Apart09:15£0
Oasis Hotel09:15£0
Olive Apart09:15£0
Orkide Hotel09:15£0
Orsmaris Boutique Hotel09:15£0
Palm Beach Hotel09:15£0
Palmea Hotel09:15£0
Panorama Hotel Ideal09:15£0
Pasa Beach Hotel09:15£0
Pasahan Apart09:15£0
Pineta Club Hotel09:15£0
Pineta Park Deluxe Hotel09:15£0
Poseidon Hotel09:15£0
Prestige Hotel & Apart09:15£0
Romance Beach Hotel09:15£0
Samoy Hotel09:15£0
Seren Sari Hotel09:15£0
Sesin Hotel09:15£0
Sinem Hotel09:15£0
Sol Beach Hotel09:15£0
Sun Princess Hotel09:15£0
Sunrise Hotel09:15£0
Sunway Hotel09:15£0
T & G Apartments09:15£0
Tropical Beach Hotel09:15£0
Turan Apart09:15£0
Yuvam Beach Hotel09:15£0
Albatros Apart09:30£0
Amore Hotel09:30£0
Cle Resort Hotel09:00£0
Club Aladdin Apart09:30£0
Club Alpina09:30£0
Club Atrium09:30£0
Club Cettia Resort09:30£0
Club Dorado09:30£0
Club Ege Antique Hotel09:30£0
Club Likya09:30£0
Club Meridyen09:30£0
Club Seray Forest Hotel09:30£0
Club Sunset09:30£0
Club Viva Hotel09:30£0
Cosmopolitan Resort Hotel09:30£0
Epic Hotel09:30£0
Grand Cettia Hotel09:30£0
Grand Hotel Faros09:30£0
Grand Panorama Hotel09:30£0
Grand Villa Sol Apart09:30£0
Green Park Aparts Hotel09:30£0
Hibiscus Garden Hotel & Apart09:30£0
Hotel Hermes09:30£0
Hotel Kervansaray Marmaris09:30£0
Huner Apart09:30£0
Julian Club Hotel09:30£0
Musti S Apart09:30£0
Rayon Apart09:30£0
Royal Plaza Hotel09:30£0
Sayar Apart09:30£0
Seda Apart Hotel09:30£0
Seren Apart09:30£0
Sincerity Apart Hotel09:30£0
Sun Apart09:30£0
The Park Marmaris Hotel09:30£0
Aegean Park Hotel09:30£0
Aegean Princess Apart & Studio09:30£0
Ali Baba Hotel09:30£0
Alicik Apart09:30£0
Almena Hotel09:30£0
Amaris Apart09:30£0
Amphi Apartments09:30£0
Angels Inn Hotel09:30£0
Antik Apart Otel09:30£0
Ataturk Statue09:30£0
Atlantis Apart09:30£0
Balim Hotel09:30£0
Blue Lagoon Hotel Marmaris09:30£0
Candan Beach Hotel09:30£0
Candan Club Hotel09:30£0
Cennet Apart09:30£0
Cihanturk Hotel09:30£0
City Hotel Marmaris09:30£0
Club Ako Apart09:30£0
Club Amaris Apart09:30£0
Club Anastasia09:30£0
Club Candan Apart09:30£0
Club Dante09:30£0
Club Excelsior09:30£0
Club Karakas09:30£0
Club Sema Apart09:30£0
Club Turquoise09:30£0
Defne & Zevkim Hotel09:30£0
Dost Otel09:30£0
Ekin Hotel09:30£0
Erden Han Apartments09:30£0
Evin Club09:30£0
Exelsior Annex09:30£0
Fidan Hotel09:30£0
Gozpinar Hotel & Apartment09:30£0
Halici Hotel Marmaris09:30£0
Hawaii Hotel09:30£0
High Life Apartments09:30£0
Honeymoon Hotel09:30£0
Interconti Apart & Hotel09:30£0
Irem Apart Hotel09:30£0
Isla Apartments09:30£0
Karakas Apart Otel09:30£0
Ketenci Hotel09:30£0
Laberna Otel09:30£0
Liman Apart Hotel09:30£0
Long Beach Apartments09:30£0
Maltepe Pansiyon09:30£0
Marina Apart Otel09:30£0
Marlin Apart09:30£0
Marmaris Beach Hotel09:30£0
Marmaris Begonville Hotel09:30£0
Marmaris Cruise Port09:30£0
Marsyas Hotel09:30£0
Maxwell Holiday Club09:30£0
Mehtap Otel09:30£0
Metropol Apart09:30£0
My Way Hotel09:30£0
Netsel Marmaris Marina09:30£0
Orka Nergis Beach09:30£0
Ozturk Apart09:30£0
Park Mar Apart09:30£0
Pasabey Hotel09:30£0
Poyraz Kaptan Apart Otel09:30£0
Prince Kinli Hotel09:30£0
Rosy Apart09:30£0
Rosy Hotel09:30£0
Saffron Apartments09:30£0
Sea Center Hotel09:30£0
Sebnem Apart09:30£0
Selen Hotel09:30£0
Serin Hotel09:30£0
Sonnen Hotel09:30£0
Soykan Hotel09:30£0
Sun Maris City Hotel09:30£0
Sunflower Hotel Marmaris09:30£0
Sunprime Beachfront Hotel09:30£0
Supreme Marmaris Hotel09:30£0
Swans 1 Hotel09:30£0
Tekin Aparts09:30£0
Two Seas Luxury Hotel Suites09:30£0
Unver Hotel09:30£0
Verona Apart09:30£0
Villa Rose Hotel09:30£0
Villa Senaydin09:30£0
Yunus Hotel09:30£0